About Lastec

In 1990, Lastec was founded with the purpose of providing a rotary mowing system with the productivity of a wide-area mower and the precision of a small push mower. Lastec introduced articulation in the turf industry with the Model 721 Articulator. The 3 meter (9.8 ft) wide belt driven rotary was crude by today's standards but became the first of a line of machines that has dominated high-end rotaries for over the last decade. Today, over half of the TPC golf courses and a third of the world's top 100 ranked golf courses rely on mowers built by Lastec.

Message from the Founder

The founder of Lastec started with a simple vision of what rotary mowers should be. Lastec continues this vision today with every new product and advancement.


Contact Us

  • Address:
    7865 North County Road 100 East 
    Lizton, IN 46149
  • Email: lastecinfo@lastec.com
  • Phone: 317.892.4444

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Why Lastec

Lastec mowers are engineered to deliver everything you need in a high-definition, articulating mower with a low cost of ownership. This formula for success not only allows you to tackle turf confidently, but also conquer daily operating costs and reduce total capital.