Celebrating 25 Years

25 years and still mowing! That’s right, Lastec has been manufacturing the original articulating rough mower since 1990 and our products are stronger than ever. In 1990 Lastec introduced articulating rotary mowers to the golf and turf industry. Our sustainability in the industry is confirmed as 1 out of every 4 major PGA course uses a Lastec Articulator to mow their roughs. 

Lastec is protected by patents, perfected by persistence and preferred by professionals. Our patented belt drive system, detail to quality and customer service makes us one of a kind. If you have never seen an Articulator work, call us now for a demo and see how you can improve the cut quality of your turf, save money and increase productivity.

A Note from the General Manager

As Lastec celebrates their 25th Anniversary, I reflect on the 23 years I’ve been a part of this company. I joined the team in 1993 and have only looked forward to the success of Lastec. Serving in many different areas since the beginning of my days with Lastec has brought me to the General Manager position. A position I’m honored to be in and proud of the company we have become and will continue to be. 

Since our establishment in 1990 we have worked hard to earn the trust of our market, build a reputation for excellent customer service and manufacture a product of great quality. I’ve seen us evolve as a company and improve in each area every day. Our success of 25 years would not be possible with out the exceptional efforts of each employee who has a devotion and passion for what they do. This team is among the very best at what they do and is an important part of our continued growth and success. 

 We also have a great deal of gratitude for our dealers and customers. Those that have put their faith in Lastec, dealers that trust and believe in our products everyday and customers that count on our machines to help them complete their jobs daily. Without you, these last 25 years would not be possible and we thank you for standing by us, for your loyalty, your trust in our product and your continued support. 

With a great year (2015) behind us, I look forward to the years to come. Though many years have passed since our inception, we still offer the highest quality rough mower at the lowest price in the market today and that will not change. This industry is tough and it’s a challenge, but we are confident in our products as we continue to grow as a company. I look forward to the new challenges that await us and I’m excited for what the future of Lastec holds for us. 



 Scott Dufek